Monday, December 23, 2013

Truth in titles?

Each year at this time I complete the following questionnaire. The challenge is to answer each of the questions as truthfully as possible using only the titles of books I've read during the year. In other words, not very truthfully at all, but lots of fun (for me, at least). So here goes:

Describe yourself: Invisible

How do you feel today: On the Wrong Track

Describe where you currently live: Wherever I Wind Up

If  you could go anywhere, where would you go: The Bookshop

Your favorite form of transportation: The Future We Wish We Had

Your best friend is: A Fatal Likeness

You and your friends are: Imperfect Harmony

What's the weather like where you are: All Clear

What is the best advice you could give: Don't Lie to Me

Thought for the day: Please Look After Mom

How would you like to die: A Death in the Small Hours

Your soul's present condition: State of Wonder

I urge readers to try the questionnaire and send me the results.

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